From Start-up to Scale-up

- You want to create impactful, innovative solutions that achieve significant market success, while also fulfilling personal passions and contributing positively to society.

- You aspire to be visionary leader and respected figure in your field, leaving a lasting legacy.

Is that you?...

It’s very hard to find one solution to the problem of scale. You’re going to have to scale up in many different dimensions, in many different directions, and you’re going to have to find great people to help you with that.

Eric Schmidt (Former CEO of Google)

Only 2 out of 100 succeed...
do you want to be one of this 2?

You struggle finding and retaining skilled employees who fit the company culture and contribute to company growth.

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I help you understand the labor market and the potential candidates viewpoint so you attract and retain top talent to build a strong, motivated, and skilled team that can drive the company forward.

You struggle with managing the rapid team growth that leads to cultural clashes and misalignment of values.

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I help you to implement working positive feedback model to ensure frequent and transparent review meetings to stay aligned and adaptive, so you  focus on cultural fit, continuous training, and clear communication.

You struggle with maintaining balance in high-pressure environment that can lead to burnout and reduced productivity.

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I help you with building a strong leadership team and delegating responsibilities to reduce personal workload so you are free to make your own decisions and control the direction of your company.

To SCALE a successfully build Start-up requires a quantum jump in mindset...

How do I work with clients…


We organize four in-person meetings, each lasting several hours.

  • Two leadership workshops that will help bridge the gap between your and your employees’ thinking patterns.
  • Two mastermind group sessions facilitated by me on the topic “Risk of Being an Employer.” We will discuss how to mitigate and manage business risks created by employees. Through these discussions, you will develop a strategy for successfully scaling up your company.


Leadership workshops

We will address some of the most common leadership roles – leading others, leading leaders, functional leader and business leader. We will clarify how you add unique value as a leader in different leadership roles and how you need to adjust work values, time application and skills in order to be successful in each role. The passage from one role to another requires new learning and new behavior development. 

Risks to be an employer
Mastermind session

We will talk about:

  • Prevention of legal risks;
  • How well-designed documents protect the employer;
  • How to maintain good relations with employees;
  • Crisis management and business continuity planning;

Our Solution for your people!

I am a seasoned HR professional and my expertise spans various HR roles, and I have served as business partners to leaders across different industries. I’ve managed processes in small start-ups and IT companies, tackling a wide range of challenges. I’ve built employer brands, developed programs to attract and retain talent, transformed company cultures, and addressed employee performance issues such as tardiness, absenteeism, and poor work quality. 

I have been in the shoes of an employee, and now as an entrepreneur, I’ve seen both sides of the coin.

years HR experience
0 +
Coaching hours
250 +
Job interviews
2 К+
Build teams
20 +

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