Every small or medium business owner asks himself questions like:

  • How can I ensure that my employees are productive and motivated?
  • How do I make them work effectively?
  • How to improve the performance of our employees – to have less lateness, absenteeism or low quality?
  • How to deal with conflicts in the team?


Here’s how to answer these and similar questions with a professional:

Business coaching for effective team

I saw my colleagues as irresponsible slackers who pretended to work and didn't keep working hours. They didn't take the job the way I did, and it pissed me off. Thanks to my coaching sessions with Plamena Getova, I realized that my driving forces and theirs are quite different. I changed the approach and the results were not long in coming.

Milena Yordanova, Small Business Owner

Creating effective teams involves identifying employee strengths and weaknesses, improving communication, building trust, setting goals, and providing ongoing support and feedback. We will work together to develop your skills necessary to build a strong and successful team.


To develop your leadership skills;

To influence and motivate;

To improve and increase the achievement of results;

Build a team and delegate;

Becoming more flexible and adaptable to different people;

How we are going to work:

    1. Our meetings are confidential – everything we talk about stays between us.
    2. We clarify the situation objectively and systematically by finding the hidden connections, interests and conflicts between the various actors and units.
    3. We set a goal to chart the path to it and break it down into parts, moving one step closer to the goal with each encounter.
    4. This allows us to define the actions through which, with the least effort and resources, you will get the desired result. We are making an action plan.

Request a free introductory meeting. It will let us know if we are comfortable working together. We will define the problem and the desired results.

How much time do you have to invest? That depends on you and your team’s needs. If you follow the drawn-up plan, in 3 to 6 months there will be a result.

Duration of 1 session: 1 hour.

Frequency: 2 – 4 times a month;

Depending on the goal we set at the beginning, we can define whether we will see each other every week or every other week. My recommendation is that the meetings should be regular, on the same day and time.

How much does it cost?

The price is BGN 120 per session.

I understand that for you, as well as for me, the results are important because they will bring you money.

That’s why I’ve prepared different packages for you to consider after our introductory meeting.

Here are the options

Coaching session

1 hour length
120 BGN
  • An action plan for your situation

6 sessions package

save 10%
648 BGN
  • 6 individual online meetings
  • Tips & Trick applicable in your particular situation

10 sessions package

save 20%
960 BGN
  • 10 individual online meetings
  • 2 of them will be free for you
  • Tips & Trick applicable in your specific situation
  • Increased efficiency of your team

They already trusted me

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