As small business owners, we need our team to run like a well-oiled machine. The role of HR is to support you in this endeavour.

In today’s corporate environment, the team, not the individual, holds the key to business success.

We at Your People Solution wrote this book as a gift to you. It contains 2 simple but effective techniques that small business owners can apply to their teams to increase team effectiveness. The two indicators you will be able to influence with them are TRUST and ENGAGEMENT, as one of the most influential drivers of team effectiveness. We have also made a list of signs of the potential conflicts that can arise in the team, because these are its brakes. And you don’t want to put the brakes on the team, but go full throttle.

I hope they are valuable to your business. I’d love to contact me, if you have any questions or like to discuss how I can support you further.

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