HR strategist and coach

What ask most often my clients:

I have passed the coaching training of Erickson coaching international, based on the Solution-Focused methodology. As an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation), I have agreed to follow established standards,   Ethics & Regulations, which guarantee the quality of the service provided.

I am an NLP Master – I gained this qualification through training at the Institute of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

  • I have a diverse experience in the HR field, which started with recruitment. This has been my passion for more than 10 years while involved in various projects such as Employer branding and labor market research, and employee engagement in BPO and the IT sector.
  • A valuable part of my experience is related to the development and retention of people in the organizations I have worked for.
  • I started using coaching techniques after taking a course in 2016. It is a result-oriented method for motivating and inspiring employees, developing new skills, creating a high-performance team culture, and reaching the stage of a self-managing team.

I have specialized in working with people in a career transition – a smooth entry into the IT field or a change of already chosen career path. I am going through a transformation myself and can easily help anyone looking for a new direction.

As your consultant, I am ready to:
  • accept and understand you: I believe in your talents and I am sure that you have the necessary resources to realize the desired transformation
  • support you by building structure and focus
  • I guarantee complete confidentiality – everything we discuss stays between us
  • share my experience and methodology that works
  • support you when you are struggling to find your motivation and meaning to achieve a sustainable result
  • connect you with other professionals and partners I work with


As my client, I expect from you:
  • Confidence: in your strength and potential, the work process, and my expertise
  • Openness: from you to you and from you to me, so that the result is in harmony with your essence
  • Taking responsibility: directions from me, decisions and actions from you
  • Fulfilling commitments: participating in the process with commitment and dedication
  • Courage: openness to different points of view and willingness to take action
  • Joy: the process can be a pleasure if you want it to be

The result depends on several factors:

  • the client’s patience, trust, and commitment to the process
  • my adequate support
  • external economic factors

90% of my clients achieved the desired result, and the rest have come close to it.

Rarely, but there are such people. These are people who have lost touch with themselves (they don’t know what they want, what they are good at, they expect someone to tell them and refuse to work towards understanding) or with a tendency to self-sabotage (they work only to prove to people and the world around how they do not succeed).

We use the Google meet platform for meetings – it provides flexibility and we are not limited by the area we live in. If necessary, of course, we can meet live in Sofia, after prior arrangements for a comfortable, calm, and creative place.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have when you book a free introductory meeting with me: https://yourpeoplesolution.com/book-a-meeting-2/