Where is the responsibility – on the company or us?

Have you ever changed jobs and found yourself in a situation you wanted out of it again?

Here’s an example: you often stay after work to finish tasks while you want to get a work-life balance. You start at a new place, and soon you stay after hours again finalizing tasks.

What happened?

By changing jobs, you “escaped” from a “bad” employer, but you did not escape from yourself …

The following questions are raising in me:

  • How do we prioritize?

  • What prevents us from standing up for our priorities/ourselves?

  • What are those things that are more important to us that we have prioritized over our work-life balance?

We can give many similar examples.

My advice

If you want to change your job, analyze your WHY and look for more in-depth reasons. Check if you need to change employment or maybe something else you need to change so you don’t end up in the same situation with the new company.

It is sometimes difficult to do the analysis yourself.

I can help you take a successful next step in your career!

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